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Explore the Five Phases of Recovery and Transformation from Sex Addiction in this comprehensive eBook, delving deep into the journey from Denial to Total Acceptance. The initial phase initiates with a gradual awareness of one's addiction, progressing through acknowledgment, acceptance, and ultimately embracing the addiction. As you navigate through the phases, the final stage marks spiritual growth, leading to inner peace and serenity even while living with the addiction. Achieving a state of healthy sexual expression culminates in transcending old behavioral patterns, no longer driven by past compulsions.

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    "When I first received Rob’s eBook series, I believed they would be yet another generic self-help series with little if anything different. Instead, however, Rob pleasantly surprised me, and this is one time that I don’t mind being utterly wrong about something.

    When I first began to read Rob’s eBooks, it was simply heartbreaking to realize just how addicting it can be to stay in conditions that are harmful to you. For example, what can start as a habit of putting yourself last to put others first can become a toxic catalyst that results in an unhappy life.

    Rob’s work is not based on a theory that has never been tested. Instead, he informs the reader from page one that the methods you are learning about are tried and true.

    We learn that to make a change and be successful at it, you need to have an open mind and be ready to embrace change."

    Larissa Love

    Magnetic Content, Florida

    What you get:

    Introducing the inaugural eBook in a series of six dedicated to sex addiction recovery. The subsequent five eBooks are complemented by the 30-Day Sex Addicts Recovery and Transformation Accelerator Program, offering a comprehensive approach to your journey of transformation and healing.

    What is it all about?

    This eBook begins with phase one when you are aware that you may be out of control sexually and have the hallmarks of sex addiction.

    The final phase is when you have gained the skills, techniques, and strategies for sexual sobriety and a spiritual way of life where you are a thriving individual.

    I am certain that you will enjoy this eBook and gain a healthy perspective as you recover, heal, and transform.